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Smartphone Inspector Pocket Microscope Stocking Stuffer

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Inspect the world around you close up with the My First Lab Smartphone Inspector, an on-the-go pocket microscope made to work with smartphone cameras!

Smartphone Inspector Microscope Stocking Stuffer

My First Lab focuses on today’s STEM learners, their products help children learn from the world around them and ask questions like “What makes that work?” The Smartphone Inspector hooks directly over a smartphone camera and brings small details into focus. Kids love taking and collecting pictures of plants, animals, and other magnificent specimens with this incredible product. OMG Goodies loves a good stocking stuffer, and this is one we want to share with you!

My Thoughts on the Smartphone Inspector Pocket Microscope:

This pocket microscope clips over any smartphone camera and magnifies subjects by 60x! It comes equipped with an LED light and a UV light to help you see!

My son and I took turns with this incredible pocket microscope and enjoyed seeing magnified versions of everyday life.

Smartphone Inspector Microscope Stocking Stuffer

Here you can see the difference between the LED light and the UV light when looking at denim and dog fur. My son likes to use the LED light, but I find the UV light brings more dimension to what I am magnifying. Choose the light setting you want, whether it is LED, UV, or natural lighting by twisting the battery cover right or left.

Smartphone Inspector Microscope Stocking Stuffer

Perhaps the grossest thing my son looked at was the inside of our dog’s ear. Mila obviously needs a good ear cleaning!

STEM Application:

When kids have fun, learning comes naturally. My First Lab understands that principle. Everyone enjoys experiencing the world from a different point of view—at least on occasion, and this pocket microscope leads the way! No longer is a flower only a flower, now kids can magnify the stamen and pollen. They can see the veins in the petals and leafs of various subjects. Bugs become gigantic when placed under the scope. All of it encourages kids to learn.

Discovering the world from another perspective increases kids’ desires to learn about new subjects. Perhaps they will want to learn more about the ant they captured, or a certain type of fabric. I wouldn’t be surprised if they wanted to know the difference between human hair and pet fur. All of these topics can be researched and provide learning opportunities with a simple pocket microscope.

Just for kids?

This incredible STEM product may be intended for kids, but it is far from just for kids! Adults like to experience the world around them too. I know I do! What parent doesn’t like to look through a microscope and see the small details they can’t see otherwise? My brother-in-law teaches microbiology; he would love a gift like this! If you know an adult who loves science and enjoys looking at the world from different perspectives, this is absolutely a stocking stuffer for them!

Connect with My First Lab:

The Smartphone Inspector comes with a carry pouch and has rubber on the clip for a great grip while protecting your phone from scratches.

Purchase your Smartphone Inspector on the My First Lab website or on Amazon.

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