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SteamPunk Gear Laser-cut Wood Earrings by Green Tree Jewelry

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Green Tree Jewelry offers beautiful laser-cut wood earrings with working gears in their SteamPunk Gear line. The light feel and mechanically-based look keeps your inner-geek tuned to trendy fashion.

SteamPunk Gear Laser-cut Wood Earrings by Green Tree Jewelry

Green Tree Jewelry, founded by Lance Nybye Sr. and Lance Nybye Jr., brings lasers and wood together to create incredibly intricate and beautiful jewelry to all of us. The SteamPunk Gear Earrings line offers colorful earrings with working gears. Feeling no heavier than your lightest studs, these earrings require an outstanding review on OMG Goodies!

My Thoughts About SteamPunk Gear Laser-cut Wood Earrings:

I first thought of Happy Quinn, a character from the hit show Scorpion, when I saw the SteamPunk Gear Earring line. Happy, the mechanical genius with a rough exterior, definitely knows what a gear is. Though she sees little appeal in girly things, certainly these laser-cut wood earrings by Green Tree Jewelry would become a staple in her wardrobe. They have in mine.

Wood jewelry existed long before the 2010’s, but nothing comes close to the incredible Green Tree products. Lance Sr. and Jr. founded a laser engraving bat company that was lost during the 2008 San Diego wildfires. The company struggled to make a decent comeback and the two founders decided to take their lasers and try something different. Jewelry. Lance Jr. designs the earrings and he has a definite knack for designing flare!

The wood earrings are made of Certified FSC™ wood. Certified FSC™  means the wood used does not hurt or destroy forests or animal habitats. Green Tree Jewelry could use other companies, but they choose to manufacture their products in a way that is safe for the environment. This is a quality I can get behind!

I also appreciate the silver finished stainless steel hooks. The hypoallergenic function helps keep my ears as comfortable as possible and never irritates my skin like most inexpensive earrings do. To top off the general design features of Green Tree Jewelry, customers can rest easy knowing the earrings are finished using water-based stains.  Water-based stains give the earrings a beautiful flat finish, and remain safe for the environment, unlike most oil-base stains.

My Experience:

Working parts. Let the inner-geek out!  The SteamPunk Gear wood earrings all come with working gears. They really move! In my opinion, the look of the gears appeals to most of us with an edgy side, but when I realized they moved, there was no question, I had to have a set! Best yet, they remain fashionable regardless of whether you have an inner-geek or not!

I chose the Kinetic Gear Earrings 5003E. After opening the package and my initial “Ah” moment, I started to move the gears. Now, whenever people say, “I like your earrings.” I reply with, “Thanks, the gears work, too!” The excited mantra now appears often in my vocabulary! I wear the earrings every chance I get — and I get a lot them.

Once I fully examined the working gears, I turned my attention to the cuts and lines of the fabulous wood earrings. I immediately noticed the cuts were clean and there were no missing flecks of wood where a blade ripped the wood instead of cutting it. The consistently smooth wood helped the color and design stand out.

Seriously, no more aching ears!

Next, I wondered at the light feel of the earrings. Usually, earrings this size pull at my ear.  By the end of the day, my ears ache. These incredible wood earrings literally feel no heavier than my lightest studs. If I didn’t feel them dangling near my neck, I would forget they were there.  No exaggeration, they are the lightest earrings I’ve ever worn.

Recommending Green Tree Jewelry is one of the easiest recommendations to make. Their earrings are light, comfortable, and leave no dent in the environment.

SteamPunk Gear Laser-cut Wood Earrings by Green Tree Jewelry

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