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Check out these 5 Ways to Eat More Superfoods

It’s hard to escape the buzz about superfoods. By now, you’re probably aware of their health benefits and may even have a list of superfoods you want to try. Eating more of these uber ingredients, which pack high levels of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, makes a lot of sense, but where to start?


5 Ways to Eat More Superfoods

1. Make a Superfood Salad

Perhaps one of the simplest superfood recipes is a tasty superfood salad. Begin with a base of spinach, an excellent source of vitamin K, then toss in chia seeds, raspberries, broccoli, and avocado. Top it off with some grilled salmon and a dressing made with heart-healthy olive oil for a powerhouse lunch or dinner.

2. Snack on Atkins Superfood Bars

Sometimes whipping up a superfood recipe from scratch just isn’t feasible. Atkins’ new superfood bars provide a shot of superfoods in a pinch. Stash them in your purse or desk for a healthy, on-the-go snack. Available in tasty raspberry-chia, almond-coconut, and mocha-almond flavors, each bar packs 15 grams of satisfying protein and comes in at under 200 calories and 4g net carbs. Get a $3 off coupon and free quick-start kit here.

3. Whip Up a Smoothie

A smoothie makes an easy, nutritious breakfast when you add superfoods. Start with yogurt and/or milk (you can use non-dairy versions if you prefer) for creaminess and protein, and then whip in a mix of your favorite superfoods. Blueberries and pomegranate seeds add color and sweetness, while flax seeds, coconut oil, and avocado provide healthy fats. For a burst of vitamins and minerals, toss in spirulina or kale.

4. Stir into Soups

Kale has become one of the most widely touted superfoods, but the fibrous leaves and stalks that make kale so good for you also make it a little tough to cook with and chew. Here’s an easy hack: take your favorite homemade or store-bought soup, toss in some chopped kale, and let simmer. The leaves will become more tender and bulk up your soup without a lot of calories.

5. Get Sneaky

Rich in carotenoids, spaghetti squash offers a tasty, low-carb alternative to pasta. So does spiralized zucchini. Get creative and swap superfoods in for traditional ingredients—you’ll add vitamins and cut carbs. Here’s another pro tip: grated cauliflower can substitute for flour in pizza dough.

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