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TaoTronics Touch Sensitive LED Desk Lamp

You can control the temperature and amount of light at your desk with the TaoTronics Touch Sensitive LED Desk Lamp. This is a lamp every desk needs!

Photo from Amazon

Photo from Amazon

I have learned to trust the Amazon-based company TaoTronics. The new Aluminum alloy Touch Sensitive LED Desk Lamp is one of their incredible products.  OMG Goodies‘ readers who need a desk lamp, have to read this review.  You’ll be glad you did!

My need for a desk lamp!

I have been slowly putting my home office in order—collecting everything I need isn’t always easy.  I never realized how much I needed a desk lamp until I started taking pictures in a dark office. My east-facing window, which happens to be maybe ten feet away from the neighbor’s two-story home, does not provide bright light for very long during the day;11:30 AM to 2:00 PM is about all the bright light I get. Oh, the morning and afternoon sun still lights the room, but not to the full extent one would expect a naturally lit room in Arizona to be. Many of the pictures I have taken end up with deep shadows or a fuzzy look to them. Sometimes they even have a yellow glow, especially if I turn on the soft white lights in our overhead lighting.

I’ve had a small LED lamp. which stands no more than 8″, on my desk for some time—it throws out just enough light to tell you it’s on.  Sadly, the light doesn’t travel very far. I have held the lamp in one hand while holding my camera in the other and tried to figure out how to take a picture without shadows or the lamp bombing my shot. You can imagine how that works, right?  It truly is a balancing act, nevermind that I’m probably holding a dog back with at least one of my feet throughout the entire undertaking.

Enter the TaoTronics Aluminum alloy Touch Sensitive LED Desk Lamp!

First, I have yet to mention how much I don’t care for soft white lighting.  It’s yellow.  Why do I want the colors around me to be different tinted yellow?  I’ve already mentioned it is hard to deal with when I am taking pictures; however, with this lovely piece of aluminum technology, I can choose what lighting I want while my husband, who prefers the soft white light, can choose his lighting preference. Perfection.

This touch sensitive LED desk lamp allows the user to choose the lighting temperature they prefer from the whitest light to the deepest, softest light, the choice is theirs.  There are no specific settings; there are no buttons, simply place your finger on the lamp’s arm and watch the light slide through your options.  No settings, just choices.

Guess what? The light’s temperature is not the only choice you have.  On the front of the lamp’s base, there is a control bar. Tap it twice and the light turns on or off.  Press and hold the bar and the light will dim or brighten depending on your last choice — there are no preset options, just a memory of where the light’s brightness was the last time you used it.  You can, once again, slide your way through every choice imaginable with a touch of your finger.

No matter whether you are sliding through temperatures or brightness choices, this TaoTronics technological beauty will lightly vibrate to let you know when you have reached the maximum and minimums available.

It gets better!

The touch sensitive LED desk lamp stands slightly higher than 16″ and extends slightly more than 6″. Both the light’s arm and the light panel adjust to significant angles. The light plate can rotate 180° and the arm can bend 90°. TaoTronics sends a screwdriver with each purchase so you can adjust the screws that might loosen with use.  I’ve had my lamp for a while now and have not tightened the screws yet.  I have, however, adjusted the arm to move the light closer to the desk for pictures, and I’ve angled the light several times for the same purpose.

Eye-protecting light.  Is it possible?

Have you ever had lights bother your eyes?  I have.  Most lights bother my eyes to some extent, but I do not have that problem with this lamp.  Taotronics has specifically designed the light panel to be as gentle on your eyes as possible. It will not flicker or blink, shake or wave like other lights will, but that’s not where the new design stops.

This lamp is designed to reflect the light sideways in a way that is gentler on your eyes than normal lights. I am not fully aware of how the technology works, but I think of it as being similar to how my Kindle works.

I have the Voyage Kindle because my eyes are sensitive to backlighting, which is really just another way of saying my eyes are sensitive to any light shining in them. With the Kindle, the light is on top of the words shining back into the Kindle.  This means the words light up and are gentle on my eyes when I’m reading. Why? Because there is only reflected light reaching my eyes.

I want to reiterate, I do not know how the TaoTronics’ technology works. I do know I can look into the lamp and my eyes do not suddenly start screaming in pain; it is nothing like looking into a light bulb or a flashlight.  This LED desk lamp is, by far, the most gentle light on my eyes that I have ever used, and I’m the lady who sometimes wants to wear sunglasses inside because the lights are so bothersome. Your eyes will love this lamp!

In Conclusion:

TaoTronics Touch Sensitive LED Desk Lamp

This picture was apparently taken between 11:30AM and 2:00PM.

As a consumer, you will also enjoy the sleek and modern lines of this lamp. It doesn’t take up much more space on your desk than the average mobile phone. It takes up the same amount of space as my 8″ lamp, but it is so much better! Yeah, if you are looking for an antique-looking light this is probably not the one for you, but if you are looking for a desk lamp with awesome features that will light your way to success with whatever you are working on, this is the LED desk lamp for you!

Connect with TaoTronics:

Visit TaoTronics website online or go straight to Amazon to learn more and purchase this incredible Touch Sensitive LED Desk Lamp!

Follow TaoTronics on social media below.


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