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The top 5 cost-effective diets to try this New Year

There are many diet plans that anyone aiming at either gaining or losing weight can follow to achieve their set target. Whether you want to shed off or add some extra pounds, however, you need the right diet plan that will work for you. With numerous diet plans online it can be hard to find a diet plan that is both effective and cheap.

The top 5 cost-effective diets to try this New Year

The holidays are nearing and with this comes the challenge of not being able to stick to the recommended diet plan, especially due to the availability of plenty of food during the holiday season. You need to have a list of diet plans that are not only nutritious but also simple to plan and prepare. Here is a compiled list of five cost-effective diets that you can try out this New Year.


The weight-conscious diet


This diet is mostly for people with a weight goal target and is popular among most celebrities. The diet specializes on a points system. Each of the food is given a number of points, and people are told a total number to aim for each day. Foods that are high in nutrients and are filling have fewer points overall. Sweets, on the other hand, are high in points.


The lifestyle change diet


This diet is for people who want to lower the level of cholesterol in their bodies. It entails not including fatty foods in your diet, mostly those with saturated fat.


The fat-free diet


The fat-free diet does not include saturated fats, high-fat dairy products, foods with high sugar content like sweets and sugary beverages. It is essentially comprised of a mixture of fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains are a great choice for people who suffer from medical conditions such as high blood pressure.


The Density Conscious diet


The density conscious diet focuses on the energy density in the foods that you eat. It mostly relates to the total number of calories in one meal plan. By measuring the number of calories of every food that you take, you will be able to eliminate any foods that contain a high energy density.


Foods with a high energy density normally have lots of calories compared to those with a low energy density which have low-calorie content. High energy density foods are mostly processed foods and have a high percentage of fiber such as cookies and candies. Low energy density foods are mostly moist or juicy foods like vegetables, fruits, and legumes.


The Mind diet


This diet is great for prevention of various brain diseases and promotes brain development. The diet also prevents Alzheimer’s disease. It includes foods such as green leafy vegetables, fish, chicken, nuts, berries, beans and oils like olive oil.


The Vegetarian diet


The vegetarian diet is mostly comprised of foods taken to enhance one’s health. Although you will still include meat in the diet, a higher percentage of the diet comprises of vegetables.


These diets can be included in your weekly diet meal plan and they will help you lose a significant amount of weight within a short period of time. Check out the South Beach diet cost reviews and select from a wide range of healthy and delicious weight loss meal plans that can help you attain your weight goals the healthy way.


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