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Thrive will help you make it through the day with plenty of energy.

Thrive your way to a better life

Thrive your way to a better life



Thrive by Le Vel is a great way for an instant pick me up. Thrive is part of my new daily routine. I am so excited to bring Thrive to you here at OMG Goodies.

About Thrive

Thrive is a new part of the Le Vel product lines of improving your overall general health. Randy started selling Thrive after he tried the sample packs and instantly noticed how great he was feeling, almost instantly.  Randy is a veteran, who has had his days of bumps and bruises and was on many medications to help him get through everyday life. Since starting Thrive with his doctors permission, Randy has been able to go off ALL of his medications. In fact, his next appointment with his doctor is not for another 8 months. For Randy that means 8 months of freedom from having to sit at the VA doctors and spending more time with his family. Added bonus, Randy had lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks just by adding Thrive to his day. This is without diet modifications or added exercise.

Now here is my experience with Thrive. As I sit here today, I think of all I have accomplished, the house is cleaned, I got in a full workout video, and I walked down to pick up my daughter from school. Now normally I would be dragging and house would not be near done, and work out video not even started, and by school’s end, I get super lazy and drive the quarter of a mile to pick up my daughter. In fact, she asked me if the car was broke down when she saw me. Gotta Love kids. I had dinner done early, which means kids are in bed on time, and I still had energy for a night time swim and the Thrive DFT patch did not come off. I almost feel as if I syphoned energy from my kids. Every parent needs to Thrive to keep up with their kids day to day energy.

When I got up this morning, I instantly took the 2 womens capsules for women added my Thrive DFT patch. About an half hour later, I made the Thrive Lifestlye Mix shake with water to save the calories from milk, which I might add is delicious. I have a texture issue with most shakes and find them chalky and quite nasty. With the Thrive Shake, it went down nice and smoothly and has a very pleasant vanilla flavor. Now with the shake, you can blend in ice and fruit to customize it for your shake experience. You can use the shake as a meal replacement, or eat if you are hungry.

Now we were sent the couples pack of Thrive, so my reluctant husband tried this also.  He is not into anything health related, but after a few hours of me talking to him, I would almost say nagging, he finally agreed. My husband works on industrial equipment for extruding aluminum, so he is busy all day at work physically. He says he did not see much of a change, but I can say I saw a change. When he got home from work, he was actually active. Not come home and sit in front of computer, but he was tinkering in the garage,changed the radio in my car,  and also went swimming for way longer than usual. I was sitting back astonished at what he was doing, yet he was saying he felt no different. Actions do speak louder than words.

When you order Thrive from Le Vel, you have the option to order the DFT patch, I can not see why you would not want to increase of vitamins and minerals throughout the day.  I really want to say that I have super sensitive skin, and I can not use most band-aids or take on my skin without breaking out in a horrible painful rash, even sensitive skin adhesives break me out and forget hospital tapes, that is the worst.  The Thrive DFT patch never broke me out, which truly amazes me.

The best part, Thrive is not that expensive when you think about all you are getting. It is about $5.00 a day, which once you see the results, you will not need your morning expensive coffee, or 12 packs of soda.  Thrive will actually save you money, since you will not need these as a morning pick me up, because Thrive will pick you up itself. You can also earn free Thrive by, referring 2 auto ship customers. Every month you get 2 customers to Randy your next month is free.

When Thrivin Randy reaches 100 likes on Facebook he will be giving away a sample pack like I received. So make sure you follow the link below to like him.

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About the author


Stacy is happily married and has been for 14 amazing years. Stacy has 2 girls: A- is 12 and K- is 5. This year she decided to home school A, which has been a joyful experience. Little K is in pre kindergarten and Stacy loves hearing about what she has learned. She also has fur babies 2 dogs and 1 cat, so her house is a full 3 ring circus. Her lab thinks she is a cat, and her cat thinks she is a dog. She is a stay at home mom for now. Stacy loves reviewing pet items and educational toys for her kids, as well as other products. She offers great insight in her reviews.

To have Stacy do a review for you, contact her at stacy.omgoodies80@yahoo.com

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    As a Le-Vel promoter it is against company policy to have this website. It is very misleading and the site is being turned in to Le-Vel’s compliance department and must be shut down or your cloud office account will be frozen.

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