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Top Trumps STEM Educational Cards are fun for the entire Family

Top Trumps STEM Educational Cards Are an educational game focused around STEM learning. They are fun enough the entire family can enjoy the fun and learn some fun facts while at it. Top Trumps come in a variety of packs.

Top Trumps STEM Educational Cards

Top Trumps is a STEM educational game for the entire family! I am super excited to tell you about it here on OMG Goodies.

My Thoughts about Top Trumps STEM Educational Cards-

As I have grown older and now that my kids are moving out, I wish I would have got them into STEM with their education. I wish I, myself, would have focused more on the core classes and achieved more in life. Now that I’m in my 40’s I push it with my kids that are still in school and I push STEM toys with my grandson. With that being said, Top Trumps is a unique card game. It is packed full of fun educational facts that you NEED to read to your family as you play.

The rules to the game are as follows:

  • shuffle the cards
  • Deal cards to each person playi9ng equally
  • Turn over the top card onto your pile.
  • The first person will pick from Innovation, Obstacles, Everyday Impact, Age or Top Trump Rating.
  • Whoever has the highest number wins all the cards from that round.
  • The person who wins the moist cards WINS!!!!

Each pack comes with its own hard plastic case. As a mom who is OCD I love that they store easily and I don’t have to worry about missing cards. The four packs I got to review are as follows. Sensational Science, Peculiar Problems, Extraordinary Engineering. and Terrific Technology.

My teens love these games. They have learned so many useful information about each subject. I have noticed that it peeks their interest and then they start doing more fun educational stuff. Top Trumps is an ideal gift for birthdays, parties, or Christmas gifts! I suggest you get every pack out there!

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