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Trane Comfortlink II Review

Popular Mechanics voted the Trane series ComfortLink II thermostats as one of the top HVAC innovations of 2010. Since then, the programmable, Wi-Fi–enabled thermostat continues to evolve and prove its worth, offering several beneficial climate control features and more on a clear, easy-to-use display. 

Complete Connectivity and Precision Control

Trane Comfortlink II Review

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From your tablet, smartphone, or laptop, you can take control of your home no matter where you are. The ComfortLink II manages more than only your household temperature. It can also give you full control over humidity and air filtration in your home.

If your furnace or air handler comes equipped with a humidifier, the ComfortLink II will add or remove humidity as needed to maximize the flow of clean, fresh air in your home. You can also control heating and cooling in each room with this thermostat if your ductwork has zoning capabilities.

Learning Your Household’s Behaviors

The problem with many smart thermostats is that users will simply set it and forget it without bothering to make adjustments based on household habits, absences, or seasonal changes. The ComfortLink II does the thinking for you and learns through observation. This system can identify when no one is home, learn your household schedule, and target temperatures only in occupied rooms. Based on these observations, the thermostat can adjust your HVAC system schedule to maximize energy efficiency and comfort.

Peace of Mind While You’re Away

With the touch of a button or screen, you can set your mind at ease about the comfort and safety of your home, even if you are on the other side of the world. Real-time monitoring lets you control lighting, humidity levels, and security, which can come in handy if you’ve got a pet sitter or neighbor dropping by to check on your house while you’re away.

Records of Your Home’s HVAC History

Not only can the ComfortLink II keep you up-to-date on the weather forecast and heat or cool your home accordingly, but it also stores this information, allowing homeowners to compare energy usage and costs from year to year. 

A Few Cons to Consider …

The cost-conscious consumer may balk at the initial price tag of the ComfortLink II thermostat, but keep in mind that you are investing in your own comfort and peace of mind with a product that will help save you energy and money over time.

In order to maximize the value of this thermostat, you may also want to invest in an HVAC system that can make use of all the features that the ComfortLink II has to offer. Look for a system equipped with a two-speed compressor in the condensing unit, communicating technology, a variable-speed blower, and ductwork with zone heating and cooling capabilities.

Although cost may be a significant factor, the long-term savings and gains are worth considering, especially as digital HVAC technology and integration in the home continues to rapidly evolve. Once you know more about the ComfortLink II and its innovations, you can be sure you always come home to comfort.

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