Apr 21

TWAW Gun Basics for Women DVD

The Well Armed Woman Gun Basics for Women DVD is a great way to start learning about gun choices and safety.

TWAW Gun Basics for Women DVD

The Well Armed Woman wants to make sure women feel empowered when firing a gun.  Gun Basics for Women teaches you the very beginning basics as you start that journey.  OMG Goodies knows the importance of feeling empowered, and we know this video will help get you started.

My Thoughts on The Well Armed Woman Gun Basics for Women DVD:

I was lucky enough to grow up in a house where I was taught from a young age that guns are not something to be frighted of if they are handled correctly. We would go out as a family – sometimes with grandparents and fire rifles.  A couple of times a year, Dad would pull out his guns and fiddle with them.  At least, that’s what it seemed like – now I realize, he was pulling out the guns to make sure we understood gun safety.  He always immediately reminded us of Gun Safety Rule #1:  Every Gun is Loaded.  How?  He’d point the gun at the frame of the back door just as we were trying to go outside.  When we went to walk close to where the gun was pointed, he would stop us and ask why we were about to walk in front of a gun.

When I was twelve, Dad gave us BB guns.  This way, we could take the safety lessons he had ingrained into our hearts, and in a semi-safer situation, show that we had learned them well.

As an adult, it was my idea to get a handgun.  It is my handgun that we bought according to how it would fit in my hand, etc.  I chose it.  (It is very important that each person choose their own handgun.)  Once I had it, I needed to become more educated on a few things. For instance, the best way to hold the handgun, and the best stance for me.  These are things I still work on regularly.

Not every woman has experiences like mine though.  Many have no knowledge of guns, whether it be a rifle or an handgun.  However, if you are interested in owning and learning to fire a gun, you shouldn’t let that stop you!

Carrie Lightfoot founded The Well Armed Woman with all women in mind.  I love her desire to help all of us feel more comfortable firing a gun.  Carrie is an NRA Certified Instructor and hosts the Gun Basics for Women DVD.  She starts at the very beginning and walks you through those things that will get you started on your way to firing a handgun. Carrie recognizes that women are not the same as men, and that our problem areas in handling guns will be different  than men’s.

So, what does she go through?  Carrie starts with the 4 Rules of Gun Safety.  (You’ve already learned #1).  Once you learn these rules you will not only know how to handle a gun safely, but how to recognize if someone else is not.  Carrie then discusses the differences between revolvers and semi-automatic handguns.  She discusses the advantages and disadvantages of both.  If you are at the point of deciding what kind of gun to buy – this video is a great place to start.

The video continues by showing you each step you need to take to load and unload a gun.  I like this part because Carrie doesn’t skip a step.  She walks you through loading the revolver and then a semi-automatic clip.  This is extremely helpful for anyone who has never loaded or unloaded a gun.

Stance, Grip, Trigger Pull, and Aiming is also covered.  Have you ever looked at the sights of a gun and wondered how you are supposed to use them?  Carrie will explain that along with points on how to hold the gun and stand to get the best shot.  She also shows you how to pull the trigger in a way every woman can understand!

I loved the way Carrie explained drawing from a holster and went through the different types of holsters.  There are a lot of different ways to carry a holstered weapon. Don’t want to carry one on your hip or in your purse – great, this video will show you other options.

The Gun Basics for Women DVD is short and full of great information!  It can be watched and re-watched as you learn to become more comfortable with your gun.  It is perfect for those women that are ready to start that journey into self-protection, or even are just interested in learning as a hobby.

Connect With The Well Armed Woman:

To learn more about Gun Basics for Women, or to purchase your own, visit their website.

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TWAW Gun Basics for Women DVD

The Well Armed Woman has Shooting Chapters as part of their non-profit organization.  If you would like to learn more or join a chapter visit their website – HERE

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  1. US Patriot Armory

    Still do not quite understand why it’s called Gun Basics for Women. I bet there are lots of men who have never hold a gun, and children as well. Maybe the title can be generalized a little?

  2. Christina

    It’s nice that you were pleased with her holster explanation. The fact that you believe the video is a good starting point for learning which firearm is best comes across as a very good recommendation.

  3. Sandy Cain

    Whew! My last chance to win! Besides the prize, I love the 9mm Bullet Filigree Necklace. Reminds me of the old days when I was packing heat!

  4. Deb E

    I’m interested in the Realtree Bucket Tote.

  5. Deb E

    I want to learn how to shoot so the book Trouble Shooting: Mastering Your Pistol Marksmanship is most interesting to me.

  6. Sandy Cain

    The 9mm Bullet Filigree Necklace is my fave! Going to be my birthday present to me in a couple of months!

  7. Sandy Cain

    I love that 9mm Bullet Filigree Necklace. My birthday is in July, I’m going to buy myself it as birthday gift!

  8. Deb E

    Their Realtree Wings and Cross Tote is so pretty and would love to get that.

  9. Deb E

    I really like their Ladies Pistol Case with Magazine Pouch in Leopard print.

  10. Sandy Cain

    Wow, I’d also love the Sweet Shot Heart Necklace in Brass. TOO cool!

  11. Deb E

    I think the Ankle Holster by The Well Armed Woman would be great to have.

  12. Sandy Cain

    Ahh….that 9mm Bullet Filigree Necklace is tugging at my heartstings!

  13. Deb E

    Really interested in their Women’s Range Starter Kit so I can get started with it all of course!

  14. Deb E

    I really like that Studded Black Leather Purse.

  15. Deb E

    The Fire & Ice Bullet Bracelet would be lovely to get. It’s simple but elegant.

  16. Sandy Cain

    Oh, I want that 9mm Bullet Filigree Necklace. Maybe for my birthday in a couple of months!

  17. Deb E

    I’m interested in their Women’s Holster Belt – Black Patent Leather.

  18. Deb E

    I really like The Well Armed Woman Pistol Pouch by Thunderwear. Unique product!

  19. Sandy Cain

    I am missing my S&W 9mm so much! It protected me when I needed it. So I really love the 9mm Filigree Necklace!

  20. Deb E

    I love their purses, especially the Microfiber Black Crocodile Crossbody Compact.

  21. Sandy Cain

    I’m still loving the 9mm Filigree Necklace. Oh, to have my S&W 9mm again! It served me so well !

  22. Deb E

    I’m interested in the Concealment Compression Undershorts.

  23. Sandy Cain

    I love so much of what I see at their sitw, but for nostalgia’s sake, I think I love the 9,, Bullet Filigree Necklace the most. I had my CCW with that S&W 9mm!

  24. Deb E

    I’m interested in the Fire & Ice necklace, 40 Caliber Bullet Necklace in Brass.

  25. Deb E

    Holsters are on sale for Mother’s Day only so I’d love the Thigh Holster by TWAW.

  26. Sandy Cain

    Though I miss my 9mm, I really love the 40 caliber Bullet Bracelet too. Very eye-catching!

  27. Deb E

    Of course the MOM necklace for Mother’s Day tomorrow would be great to have. Love their jewelry.

  28. Sandy Cain

    I have to say I’m feeling very nostalgic for my old S&W 9mm! I’d love to have the 9mm Bullet Filigree Necklace!

  29. Deb E

    I like the In The Gravest Extreme book. They have tons of great educational material on their site.

  30. Sandy Cain

    I am going to treat myself to the 9mm Bullet Necklace Filigree for my birthday. It interests me a lot! When I had my 9mm, I was a well-armed woman! Woo-hoo!

  31. Deb E

    Really love those Black Lace Women’s Shooting Gloves they have.

  32. Sandy Cain

    Still missing my S&W 9mm! I’d love to have the 9mm Bullet Necklace Filigree!

  33. Deb E

    I like their shirt that says: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Well Armed Woman T Shirt. I like the pink one too!

  34. Sandy Cain

    I’m still in love with the 9mm Bullet Necklace Foligree. Oh, how I wish I still had my S&W 9mm! What a sweet piece!

  35. Deb E

    I like the nude color Concealment Midriff Tank.

  36. Sandy Cain

    Oh, that Shotgun Shell ring is VERY cool! I didn’t see it before, I love it!

  37. Deb E

    I like the Crossbody Organizer purse in gun metal, among others.

  38. Sandy Cain

    I still am in love with the 9mm Bullet Necklace Filigree, and I am going to treat myself to it for my birthday in July!

  39. Deb E

    I also like their Pink Beaded Zipper Pull or Key Chain.

  40. Sandy Cain

    I just love the 9mm Bullet Necklace Filigree. Oh, how I miss my S&W 9mm! What a sweet piece!

  41. Deb E

    I’m interested in the guide they’re selling titled: The Well Armed Woman’s Concise Guide to Concealed Carry.

  42. Sandy Cain

    I love just about everything I see, but especially the 9mm Bullet Necklace Filigree. I do miss my S&W 9mm!

  43. Deb E

    I like the Classic Hobo Concealed Carry Purse in Black.

  44. Sandy Cain

    I like the 4″ Belly Band Holster! I had one just like that when I had a CCW out west. Nobody knew I was carrying, but it was a great confidence builder!

  45. Deb E

    I like their E-Max Low Profile Electronic Hearing Protection set they have on sale.

  46. Sandy Cain

    Today I love the 9mm Bullet Necklace Filigree. Very nostagic for this, I had a 9mm and it served me well !

  47. Deb E

    I like the FlashBang Holster they have.

  48. Sandy Cain

    I really think I’m in love with the “Dotted Circle” Bullet earrings. That is what I love the most!

  49. Deb E

    I like their info on Firearms training courses on their site. It’s important to know about gun safety.

  50. Sandy Cain

    Their 40 Caliber Bullet bracelet is very nice! My piece was a 9mm, but I could habdle a 40, too!

  51. Deb E

    I like their Lace Women’s Shooting Glove and want one of my own.

  52. Sandy Cain

    They have such neat stuff! I love the “Dotted Circle” Bullet eariings. Very unusal, very pretty!

  53. Deb E

    Their book titled NRA Guide to the Basics of Personal Protection In The Home looks interesting and I’ll have to check it out.

  54. Sandy Cain

    I love their CCW Classic Hobo Purse in black. It would have been great when I had my S&W 9mm. I used to keep it in my regular purse, and it wasn’t easy to get to in an emergency.

  55. marla king

    I have my concealed carry permit, but I was interested in the article about the best gun for woman.

  56. Deb E

    I like all the education they offer about protecting yourself and info on the chapters for support. I also like their Woman’s Range Starter Kit.

  57. Sandy Cain

    I LOVE the “Shoot Like a Girl” Charm bracelet. I’ve never seen anything like that before – it’s great!

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