May 24

Ubbi Diaper Pail

Ubbi Diaper Pail will help keep those diaper smells in so the rest of the house will not smell!

Ubbi Diaper Pail

Ubbi has such a great selection of products that will  make your life with a baby easier. One of the products they offer is the Ubbi Diaper Pail. I am loving this product and I’m so excited to have you all read it here on OMG Goodies.

My Thoughts about Ubbi Diaper Pail-

One day I asked my blogger friends what were some of the items that were a must when having a new baby. One person said a nursing pillow, another said a rock & play. One said her favorite item was a diaper pail. Which started my hunt for amazing products for my niece to use with her new son. I was googling companies for diaper pails when I ran across a very unique designed diaper pail. It is called Ubbi Diaper pail. Which I pitched to see if they would allow me to review it. I was so excited when they said yes!

When I was looking a the Ubbi Diaper Pail, the first thing that caught my eye was that it was not made of plastic. The second thing was the amazing colors it came in. I also loved that you didn’t have to buy special inserts for the pail. Capasity was a big thing with me too. I wanted something that would hold out the duration of a trash bag and not have to be changed after a few diapers. Another thing I was looking for was a pail that didn’t let the stink out or that would absorb the smell the way that plastic tends to do. When I realized the Ubbi Diaper Pail fit into all I wanted, I was so happy.

Ubbi Functions

The Ubbi Diaper Pail is so unique. It is made of steel and has a powder coating on it. It comes in a variety of thirteen colors for you to pick from. The lip is uniquely designed to hold the smell in. Ubbi Diaper Pail also holds up to 35 diapers at a time. When you lift the lid up, it has an insert that lifts up and down. It holds the bag into place. You lift it up and put the trash bag through, then lower the arm back into place. The lid closes very securely onto the pail. As you can see from the picture above, it has a slide in place lid with a handle on it. To the right of the sliding opening, there is a knob that locks and unlocks. The knob will unlock the sliding lip, then you pull it back, drop the diaper into it, slide the lip closed then lock the knob. It is so easy to use! It also comes ready to use! However it does not come with any bags. So make sure you get yourself your favorite type of trash bags to use.

*You will need to get 13 gallon trash bags to fit into the Ubbi Diaper Pail.

I love the style and how unique the look is. It is so beautiful sitting next to the changing table. I wanted my niece to have everything she needed at an arms reach in her room to make being a mom a snap. Ubbi not only helps control the smell of the dirty diapers, it adds a touch of flare to her room! I see now why someone would suggest getting a diaper pail. I never had one with my kids but I am so happy to have the chance to give one to my niece!

If you have been looking for a diaper pail for your house, I suggest you check out Ubbi Diaper Pail! It is beautiful, eco friendly and just a great item to have for any new mom. The coolest part is Ubbi is giving one away to a lucky reader during the Oh My Baby Event May 25th, 2015 – June 25th, 2015! Make sure to enter below!

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  1. Em Mahr

    I’d like to see a giveaway for the babyprints desk frame – this would be perfect for my office!

  2. James Robert

    I like the pawprints keepsake, our pet is one of the family and should have an oranment on the tree

  3. Em Mahr

    I’d love to see a giveaway for the I Love Mommy sentiment frame

  4. Liz Ticona

    Love their Collage Frame & their banks (whale is my fave) 🙂

  5. James Robert

    The babyprints desk frame would be great for work to display on a desk

  6. Em Mahr

    I’d love to see a giveaway or review on the side photo album

  7. Brittany

    I like the paw prints ornament.

  8. James Robert

    The babyprints photo ornament is great for the Christmas tree

  9. James Robert

    Still really like the babyprints deluxe wall frame

  10. Brittany

    I like the family handprint frame.

  11. James Robert

    pawprints wall frame is great for our puppy

  12. Brittany

    I like the clean touch ink pad.

  13. James Robert

    The baby talk frame sure is nice

  14. Brittany

    I like the hand print wall art.

  15. Brittany

    The baby talk frame is cute!

  16. Em Mahr

    I’d love to see a giveaway for the wooden whale bank

  17. James Robert

    The vintage babybook I like

  18. Brittany

    I like the age blocks set.

  19. Em Mahr

    I’d love to see a giveaway for the first year belly stickers – I like the ones with numbers for each month old my little one is.

  20. Brittany

    My first’s collage frame. It is a cute way to remember babies firsts.

  21. James Robert

    The signature collection photo album is nice to keep them memories

  22. Brittany

    The family tree ornament set.

  23. James Robert

    I like their pawprints memory box since we now have a puppy

  24. James Robert

    I think the triple sonogram frame is pretty cool

  25. James Robert

    I like personal things so the handprint wall art is so nice

  26. Em Mahr

    I’d love to see a giveaway for the photo moments frame

  27. Brittany

    The triple sonogram frame would be nice to hold my litttle one’s sonograms.

  28. James Robert

    I like their wooden whale bank to save for baby and it would fit nicely in babies room

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  31. James Robert

    Babyprints deluxe wall frame is also another great item they have

  32. James Robert

    I like their signature collection keepsake box

  33. James Robert

    The babyprints deluxe wall frame is nice

  34. Em Mahr

    I’d love ot see a review or giveaway for the felt first year belly stickers

  35. James Robert

    I like their family tree ornament set

  36. James Robert

    I like their babyprints ornament

  37. Em Mahr

    I”d love to see a giveaway for the age block set

  38. Kortney Picker

    I also like the piggy bank, it is so adorable! This would be a great gift!

  39. Andrea m

    I really like the wooden piggy bank.

  40. Andrea m

    I love the clean-touch ink pad!!

  41. James Robert

    I like their felt first year belly stickers. Good to take a pic monthly with these

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