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Welcome to the OMG Goodies About Us. We are a group of women and men that have come together to form the amazing OMG Goodies team. Below is info about each blogger and how you can contact them to work with each person.

About Us


Hello, I am Jessica. I am the founder of Oh My Goodies. I am a Mom of 3 pretty cool kids if I can say so myself. Ages 22, 19, 17. I love them each very much for reasons that are their own! I am a wife, I am married to one of the best men in the world. He will do anything for his family. My husband and I also adopted this year and have a new daughter age 17 who is the mama to our very firt Grandson who is 2 years old.

I am also a stepmom to 4 cool kids, ages 26, 16, 13, and 11. We consider ourselves the new age Brady bunch! I am a stay at home mom who love’s to cook and I am a clean freak! Currently, I am 39 yrs old and my life is full of crazy! I love to laugh and joke and have fun with my family! We love to travel anywhere we can go! Arizona is where we call home and I love it here. With my experience as a blogger, you are guaranteed a great partnership!

To have Jessica do a review for you, contact her at omgfreebees@gmail.com


Stacy is happily married and has been for 15 amazing years. She has 2 girls: A- is 13 and K- is 6. A- is in the 7th grade and a joy, Little A is in kindergarten and a total sponge. She also has fur babies 2 dogs and 1 cat, so her house is a full 3 ring circus. Her cat thinks she is a dog, and plays fetch on a regular basis, and listens better than the dogs. She is a stay at home mom for now. Stacy loves reviewing pet items, cosmetics, fashion items and educational toys for her kids, as well as many other products. She offers great insight in her reviews.

To have Stacy do a review for you, contact her at stacy.omgoodies80@yahoo.



Kameo has been married for over 21 years.  She has 2 boys ages 17 and 14, and 2 girls ages 12 and 10.   Reviewing for OMG Goodies is one of Kameo’s favorite pastimes and it shows. She strives to write thorough reviews and thought-provoking articles.Her interests range from music – especially choir music, to gel polish, dresses, reading, camping and hiking, and art. Kameo loves animals and has 3 dogs, a cat, a snake, a gerbil, a bird, and some fish in her home.  She and her family like to have small excursions to places close to home and enjoy being outside watching her husband and son fly R/C planes or make contacts on their HAM radios.

To have Kameo review for you, please email her at kami.omggoodies@gmail.com .


Hi there! My name is Amanda. I have been married to my amazing husband for 14 years. We are raising our family in the beautiful Treasure Valley, which is located in Idaho. Our 3 adventurous and sweet boys keep us busy. They are 12 (going on 21), 8, and 2 years old. These boys fill my life with more joy, love, creativity, and hand prints than I could have ever imagined! I love every second of being a mom. When I am not trying to keep up with my family, I stay busy running my own content creation and management company, Liquid Script. To have Amanda do a review for you email her at asmurphy98@gmail.com



MaryJane McCool

Hello Hello, my name is MaryJane & I’m a Jane of all trades. I’m a modern pinup so I’m super girly. I adore clothing (especially retro-inspired), shoes/heels, lingerie, jewelry, makeup (boy do I love to experiment), self-grooming including doing my own acrylic nails & everything hair from styling, accessories to coloring. I’m also a greaser gal. I love wearing coveralls & getting dirty working in the garage on classic vehicles, rebuilding/fabricating various auto parts or woodwork projects. I so enjoy working with my hands & using various tools especially power tools. Of course, I’m a homemaker as well. I greatly enjoy hosting, decorating, crafts, DIY projects, prepping & cooking meals, parties, cocktails, BBQs as well as outdoor living.

Most importantly I’m a Fabulous housewife & Stay-at-home Mommy. I’m married to an Amazing man who appreciates all that I do & all that I am, flaws and all. He’s my best friend, my hero, my teddy bear & the love of my life. My 5 Awesome Kiddies keep me on my toes, fill my heart with joy & keep my days full of laughter. I have 2 young men ages 9 & 18 as well as 3 young ladies ages 11, 16 & 20. All 5 have very different personalities but still have so much in common. We all enjoy our family trips/vacations, camping, dining out, movies (theatres & at home movie nights), family game nights, video games, toys, theme parks, carnivals, holidays, arts & crafts and baking. Our loving family wouldn’t be complete without our 4 Pups & 2 Lionhead Bunnies.

Would you like me to review your product? Contact me at MaryJane.McCool@gmail.com




Cheyanne Lewis

 Hi, I am Cheyanne. I love to cook and photography. Baking has been a love of mine since I was young cooking with my grandma. I am a current college student working on my associate degree in Early Childhood Education. Once I have my associate degree I am off to Northern Arizona University to get my Bachelor degree in Early Childhood Education  My long term goal is to be a school teacher and teach k-3rd grade. I wanted to try my hand at recipe writing and here I am on OMG Goodies! I am the oldest daughter of Jessica Pulido, owner of OMG Goodies.

If you have food items or baking tools you would like to be included in a recipe, feel free to email, myself, Cheyanne at cheyanneallewis@hotmail.com

OMG Goodies would like to introduce you to our Beauty Blogger

Ruby Ragar

Ruby Ragar

Ruby Ragar has a love for all things beauty. From Nail Polish to makeup. SHe is the latest addition to the OMG Goodies Team. You can follow her on her social media pages and find her reviews on the Life of a Mad Typer page here on OMG Goodies.

I love reviewing products and trying new things. See as we wade through the internet to bring you the best products.

I, Rubyblood am obsessed with my iPhone and iPad and use them to manage the site. I dabble in design and do the site design myself. I am known as the nail polish goddess (by my friends) as I am totally obsessed (my current collection is over 800 bottles now.) I work full time in telecommunications and run Life of a Mad Typer during my spare time.

We would love to review your products! Contact us here or at lifeofamadtyper@gmail.com

Would you like to join the team and be a writer for OMG Goodies? If so please email Jessica at omgfreebees@gmail.com today!


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