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Vertiplay™ Musical Railtrack Xylophone

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Vertiplay™, an Oribel line, offers toys to keep playtime fun and your house organized — each one hangs on your wall! The Musical Railtrack Xylophone allows children to experiment with sound and music while working on their grip and hand-eye coordination.

Oribel Musical Railtrack Xylophone

Oribel cares about the kinds of toys they offer to families. To them, toys not only entertain but also teach and look good! The Vertiplay™ line offers toys that hang on walls and doors at the toddler level. Never leaving your home looking cluttered, Vertiplay™ toys keep young children entertained and happy in ways you’ve only imagined. Introducing new learning toys to you brings pleasure to the OMG Goodies family, we hope you’ll read about this incredible one!

My Thoughts on the Musical Railtrack Xylophone:

Remember the Fisher Price Xylophone? I remember sitting and attempting to play it when I was younger. I also remember trying to pull it behind me with the rope that was always several inches too short. As I got older, I enjoyed playing Mary Had a Little Lamb and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. With my own children, I realized the metal bells weren’t quite in tune and that annoying rope, the one that causes every baby to cry, became more and more annoying.

The Musical RailTracks Xylophone has no annoying ropes, but it does have the ability to stick to smooth surfaces such as doors and walls. Better yet, you can move it from surface to surface, if desired. The xylophone hangs from a sticker of a train and the xylophone represents the train tracks. It could not be any more adorable.

Oribel Musical Railtrack Xylophone

Today, xylophone options abound and parents may question which one to purchase. They may even consider not purchasing one at all. Xylophones often look the same and to most people, they sound the same. To little ears and toddlers who want to be able to reach all the keys with the mallet, which xylophone you choose makes a difference.

Developing a musical ear

When children develop their language skills they also have the ability to develop musical skills they may appreciate later in life. Absolute pitch, often called perfect pitch, can develop when very young children are taught to recognize pitches with their corresponding note names. Though this is not a necessary skill, it can help children who study music later as they learn the relationships between the notes and how to adjust their own pitch while singing or playing an instrument.

Much of this depends on whether they are able to recognize whether pitches and their relationship with other notes are too high (sharp) or too low (flat).  Children surrounded by toys and in-tune music will develop an ear capable of better recognizing the difference.

This information leads me to an important factor when choosing a xylophone for your child. Can it be tuned? Different than others, the Vertiplay™ Musical Railtrack Xylophone is adorable and is tunable. A simple tightening or loosening of the screws holding the wooden keys in place allow you to tune each note individually. Considering the way wood (and metal) shrink and swell with temperature and humidity, this is a wonderful feature.

Other strengths taught by xylophones

There is so much more that makes xylophones incredible toys! It may seem that a child pounds a mallet on wooden or metal slats doing nothing more than driving their parents crazy, but they are learning with each pounding movement. As they work to strike an individual key, children develop better hand-eye coordination. Moreover, the way they hold the mallet determines how well the keys vibrate.  A tight grip makes the sound duller, while a looser grip brings about a wonderful, fuller vibration. Now the Musical Railtrack Xylophone is teaching children how to use their grip in different ways.

One addition

There are few toys that I struggle to adequately describe my absolute delight in; however, the Vertiplay™ Musical Railtrack Xylophone, is one where words fail me. The tone of the wooden keys float with a rich sound that similar toys do not have. The ability to tune the keys means children can learn the correct intervallic relationships between notes. Also, keeping the adorable toy off the ground brings me nothing but happiness for all the parents who no longer have to worry about tripping over another toy.

I must convey this to all of you before telling you there is one addition to the toy I feel would increase its worth — adding the last two notes of the octave. The keys for those two notes would be the shortest ones, and while they would extend the length of the toy, they are of great worth to children who learn to play actual tunes on the xylophone and would increase the number of songs that can be played exponentially.

Image used with permission.

My Experiences with the Vertiplay™ Musical Railtrack Xylophone

I played quite a bit with the xylophone while it was in my home. I enjoyed playing Mary Had a Little Lamb and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Looking through the product page on the Oribel website, I noticed they include the color codings for playing Bah, Bah, Black Sheep (Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star). It’s a nice way to immediately have a song to play with your child.

The xylophone has been removed from my wall and given to a friend who has since hung it for her daughter. The move from one position to another was simple and no damage was done to my door or the sticker on the toy. This is definitely a quality toy I feel good recommending!

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