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What is a Virtual Assistant and How You Can Be One

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Do you know what a Virtual Assistant is? Do you know how you can become one? Let me tell you about my start as a Virtual Assistant and how much I love it. This post does contain an affiliate link.

What is a Virtual Assistant and How You Can Be One

After spending hours researching Virtual Assistants, I was still left confused. This is when I came across the Rocking Virtual Assistants E-Course and Training course. I am so excited to take some time here at OMG Goodies and explain what and why I have decided to work as a Virtual Assistant.

What does a Virtual Assistant Do?

I get asked this question a lot. It is safe to say, every time I mention to someone what my job is. First, this is such a simple, yet complex answer. VA’s for short can do such a wide variety of tasks for another blogger, or company. A VA can pretty much do whatever it is they want to do, from the comforts of their own home. Some sit in their pajamas all day doing computer work, some take phone calls. Some decide to work overnight creating printables, while others set office hours and stick with those.


One great thing that rocks about being a VA, is you get to do basically your own thing. You are your own boss, and your failure or success depends solely on you. I took the Rocking Virtual Assistants E-Course Training is an excellent class to take. It starts with the basics of setting up your business, to how to gather clients, examples of contracts and so much more.

Below is a SHORT list of services that a VA could offer.

  • Round-ups
  • Printables
  • Linky Parties
  • Reviews
  • Blog Posts
  • Social Media Management
  • Recipe Creations
  • Photo Editing
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Site Set-Up
  • Pinterest Management
  • Instagram
  • Facebook Scheduling
  • E-book Creations
  • Chore Threads
  • Ghostwriting
  • Calendar Creation

Not such a short list is it? See, you have no limits on what you can do.

What makes this class so great?

First of all, you are not limited to one certain service. You can offer multiple services. Just please do me a favor… IF you want to be a VA, be a good one. Don’t be a horrible one that gives us good ones a bad name. We work hard for our clients. I go over and above for each of my clients. Please do not be that VA that also undercuts everyone else’s prices I beg you. Almost everything has an industry standard rate. Plus, many clients will look past you if you are charging a fraction of everyone else’s prices. Why? The clients may believe that you are offering poor quality work. Of course, no one wants to put their time and energy into work, for it to be looked over.

Not only do you have lifetime access to this class, you also have access to private Facebook pages that have a wealth of knowledge in them also. So, if you have a question, log in there, ask and typically immediately someone has an answer. Also, if you need to rant and vent, we are there for you. The goal there is to see everyone succeed.  Lastly, you will have a discounted rate into the Rocking VA & Bloggers VIP Lounge. This is where you take your initial training and amp it up. New information and tutorials are added every month for a low rate.

Why did I want to become a VA?

First, this is such a simple answer. I wanted to work from home for a legitimate company. Who has a more legitimate company than me, myself and I? I get to take my own breaks, I can be present at all my daughter’s school functions. I can work around my family members appointments. Yet, I am still responsible for my work. I do not get paid, if I do not work, it is that simple. While, I do not think I will become a gazillionaire being a VA, I am making enough to make me happy.

While, I do not think I will become a gazillionaire being a VA, I am making enough to make me happy. Besides, I am loving what I am doing.  In reality, I love there is always something new to learn and new services to offer. I also love, that there is no limit to my knowledge. My pay will never cap out like some brick and mortar jobs. Lastly, I love that I do not have a boss breathing down my throat.

Furthermore, if you have any questions on being a VA, leave me some comments. In the event that I can help one person understand the job of a VA, or help someone become a VA, I would feel happy and content.


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