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The Wedding Shop by Rachel Hauck

The Wedding Shop is the perfect book for anyone who enjoys a good love story but doesn’t want to have to worry about questionable scenes.

The Wedding Shop by Rachel Hauke

Zondervan and Rachel Hauck brings us The Wedding Shop. I will tell you about if on OMG Goodies.

My thoughts about The Wedding Shop:

When I first picked up The Wedding Shop I was skeptical. I don’t like love mushy stories, sex scenes, or that are unbelievable. The description made me think of a Disney-like love story that I would not enjoy it. However, I the book surprised me.  I quite enjoyed The Wedding Shop and if all of Rachel Hauck’s books are this enjoyable, I would read them too. I felt like I was a part of the story and not just an outsider watching the story unfold.

The Wedding Shop recounts the love stories of two young women from two different time periods. Cora Scott’s story takes place in 1930’s and Hayley Morgan’s takes place in the present. The only connection these two women have is the Wedding Shop.  The Wedding Shop is what brings together the lives of these seemingly unconnected women.  We have the privilege of watching both women grow, go through trials, and find true love.

One thing that I really like about The Wedding Shop is that it takes place in two different time periods.  We get to see the way people lived in the 1930’s. Cora is one of the first women to run a business in Heart’s Bend, Tennessee. She is a pioneer in a time when women were just starting to work outside of the home. She also lived through the Great Depression and I enjoyed peeking into that part of history. Cora helped thousands of women have the day of their dreams, no matter their race or income. She was so busy helping others that she almost didn’t get the day of her dreams, which left me feeling heartbroken with her. She left a legacy that was not easily forgotten.

A clean read makes the Wedding Shop more than mushy, it makes it worthwhile

Hayley lives in the present. She just got out of a bad relationship and is deluded by love and relationships. The Wedding Shop draws Hayley to it. It has fallen into disrepair and is scheduled to be demolished. She struggles to reopen the shop and in the process learns about herself and love. She works through some tough trials and many times we see miracles happen and see the hand of God leading and helping her.  Hayley’s life is intertwined with Cora’s, and I love how, as reader’s, we see it before she does.

A really cool technique that Rachel uses in The Wedding Shop is point-of-view. She switches between the point-of-views of Cora, Hayley, Birch, and Cole. It is nice to see the male’s perspective of the love story. It is even nicer that the men have respect for the women they admire, adore, and love, and are not lusting and slobbering over them like you see in other love stories.  We get to see Birch and Cole’s thoughts and desires. Because of this, we are able to get the whole picture about the relationship between these 4 people.

Another thing I really liked about The Wedding Shop is the fact that it is a clean read. As a result of this, I don’t have to worry about risqué scenes or cuss words. Anyone who believes in God will appreciate the religious undertones found in the book. The Wedding Shop helped to restore my faith in humanity in regards to love. It also gave me bits of “advice” and helped me to appreciate more and not take-for-granted my own marriage. I defiantly felt more loving toward my husband while reading this book.

The Mystery Unfolds

Lastly, I love the sense of mystery of The Wedding Shop. Rachel gives us little peeks of the story and slowly unfolds for us. In the end, she surprises us with a startling revelation, which ties the whole book together. She lets little hints of it slip out as the story progresses. She weaves the two different parts of the story together so well, that it makes perfect sense in the end and makes you feel as if you are in the story.

In conclusion, I would definitely recommend The Wedding Shop to anyone who enjoys a good love story. It is way better than the summary on the back cover leads you to believe.

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