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Introducing: When Love Is Lost, a Novel by Kameo Monson

When Deb runs out of the church during the sermon, no one knows it’s because of her lonely marriage and hurting heart. When Love Is Lost captures real-life emotion as it traverses several kinds of love in one amazing novel.

When Love Is Lost: A Novel By Kameo Monson


Sometimes when you love to write and you strive to understand people, you find yourself fulfilling both by telling the world a story. That’s what Kameo Monson did when she wrote the novel When Love Is Lost. A seasoned OMG Goodies blogger, Kameo happily shares her first novel, in hopes that you will enjoy it as much as she loved writing it!

More About My Novel: When Love Is Lost:

As I sat reading a clean romance novel one night, I suddenly determined I could write something like that. After all, how hard could it be to write: He drew his finger down her arm, leaving a tingling sensation she could not ignore?

That night, twenty pages lit my laptop’s screen with words about a husband who seemingly ignored his wife—Deb—a wonderful homemaker who had raised two children. I also introduced a love interest. It took another year to give the love interest a name. Until then, he was simply the guy. In those first twenty pages, Deb, who volunteers at the library, becomes friends with a young girl named Elizabeth and meets her young mother, Mariah, and baby sister. She also spends time with her best friend, Betty.

After that, I stopped. Stuck. I could see the ending, but the middle contained nothing but fuzzy pages. Only bits and pieces floated through my mind. I set my computer to the side and waited. Every once in a while I picked it back up, wrote ten or fifteen more pages, and set it aside again. I learned what I’d already known. Fiction is hard! It requires imagination. Moreover, I learned it takes just as much talent to write romance as it does to write anything else. I know that now. Because, while When Love Is Lost has an incredible amount of love, including romance, it isn’t a romance novel.

The Truth:

No. My novel, When Love Is Lost, is considered women’s fiction—some call it contemporary fiction. While it follows Deb through the process of deciding whether or not to leave her husband, it also follows Elizabeth’s mother. Mariah deals with raising a young family with little money and a husband who recently suffered a back injury.  On top of that, readers discover that Deb’s friend, fun-loving and carefree Betty, is a character with a hidden past she struggles to share.

This novel takes fictional characters and brings them to life in a way that leaves readers feeling as if they’ve made new friends. Friends to laugh and cry with. Friends to scream at. And friends they just want to hug! When Love Is Lost tackles real-life situations in a clean and appropriate way, leaving readers’ hearts warmed by love.


When Love Is Lost is no ordinary self-published novel. I promised myself I would not publish unless the novel proved as professional as any traditionally published book. This included several rounds of beta testing, where I analyzed the opinions of many readers. I also hired a professional editor.

Two of my beta readers proclaimed it could not be my first novel because my writing is too seasoned. My editor, Eanna Roberts, owner of  Penmanship Editing, said the following:

This is the best piece of written work I have ever had come my way in terms of grammar. It is nearly perfect … I couldn’t stop reading.

It has been a pleasure working on this … I would be more than happy to work on your amazing work forever.

Are you wondering why I decided to self-publish instead of working with a traditional publisher when the novel received such high praise? I considered traditional publishing but decided to not query publishers in order to keep my decision-making rights my own. But, I also didn’t want to limit myself to Amazon, so When Love Is Lost will be available to bookstores and libraries, in paperback, through IngramSpark, too!

Pre-order When Love Is Lost: A Novel by Kameo Monson:

I want to provide my friends, family, and blog followers with the best possible deal during the pre-order event. That’s why I chose to set the e-book format of When Love Is Lost at the lowest price possible on Amazon. Order now, and you can own your e-copy for $1.99. The novel will be automatically delivered to your Kindle August 14, 2018.

Feel like paperback is more your style?

The paperback version comes out August 30, 2018, on Amazon and September 1, 2018, through IngramSpark. Simply ask for it at your favorite bookstore, and they can order it for you. Prices will vary.

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About the author

Kameo Monson

Kameo has been married for 22 years. She has 2 boys ages 17 and 15, and 2 girls ages 13 and 11. Her interests range from music - especially choir music to gel polish to dresses to reading to camping and hiking. Kameo loves animals and has 3 dogs, a cat, a Guinea pig, a hamster, and some fish in her home. She and her family like to have small excursions to places close to home and enjoy being outside watching her husband and son fly R/C planes or make contacts on their HAM radios.

Kameo started with OMG Goodies in January 2015 and has become a proficient reviewer. Like all of our bloggers, we are happy to have her on the team.

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