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Where Jesus Slept is a great book for the holiday season

 Where Jesus Slept makes Christmas more special this holiday season. Reading this book engages your family in ways other books can’t.

Where Jesus Slept

Norma Lewis wrote a book called Where Jesus Slept. It is a super cute book and puts Christ back in Christmas. OMG Goodies‘ readers can experience the joy of the season, with me, in this review.

My Thoughts about Where Jesus Slept –

With Christmas right around the corner, we wanted to find a book that focuses more on Christ. When I received the chance to review Where Jesus Slept, I knew right away it was an ideal book to read with our little guy; he loves his books and we love to read books to him that will help him through life. This book gives him a great start to remembering what Christmas is about.

Eli started to scream the second he saw this beautiful book — eating a snack held his attention a bit less at that point. After his snack, we started to calm down before his nap. I gave him the book and he started to giggle while he flipped through the pages.

When we laid down to sleep, I read him the book and he had the sweetest smile on his face. He is only 17 months old, and I swear to you, that children so young with such a pure heart can remember Jesus more. I loved seeing how happy he was as we read it.

The story line is simple and cute. You will enjoy reading this book to your little one. It is an ideal book to keep Christ in Christmas. To purchase this book, head over to Amazon and purchase Where Jesus Slept today! Just click the image link below! It also makes a great Christmas gift for anyone with a little.

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