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Whiffer Sniffers Collectibles Hang Tight Spring 2017

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The 2017 Spring Whiffer Sniffers collectibles are now available. The cute, clipable plushies hang tight to backpacks wondering if or when they will be traded.

Whiffer Sniffers Collectibles Hang Tight Spring 2017

Whiffer Sniffers entered the retail market from the Stray family, the same creators of the Bearington Collection. The adorable characters introduced their backpack clips in 2015 and series four is the 2017 Spring release. These scentful lovelies priced with kids in mind light up backpacks with bright colors and tradeable fashion! Remember the fun of tradeables in the 80’s? Your kids can trade Whiffer Sniffers in the 2010’s! Learn more by reading below at OMG Goodies!

My thoughts about Whiffer Sniffers Collectibles Spring 2017:

Born in 1975, I lived through the trends of both the 80’s and early 90’s.  I never participated in trading cards like Garbage Pail Kids or Pokémon cards, but I enjoyed jelly shoes (though I’m not certain why) and an occasional jelly bracelet never upset me either. Pinning embroidery thread to my jeans and knotting friends and myself friendship bracelets we knew would last through the ages was the epitome of the year spent in 7th grade.

Of course, no one forgets Scratch-n-Sniff stickers. The round stickers with pictures of various fruity characters stuck to the top of our homework and covered our binders. The worst was scratching a sticker only to find out it wasn’t a Scratch-n-Sniff. Teachers who didn’t allow us to smell our way through school seemed to be missing the point of our existence. Still, we pressed forward. Eventually, our stickers became hastily written scores, and if we were lucky, the words “Good Job” scrawled across the top of the page. Now, we tell our kids about all the collectibles and trends of our era and realize nothing available is nearly as awesome — except for Whiffer Sniffers!

Scented Tradeables Hang Tight

With the scented memories of Scratch-n-Sniff stickers in their own hearts and minds, creators Brad and Jamie delved into the creation of Whiffer Sniffers. The fun-loving plush toys come not only as full-sized characters but also as backpack clips!  The scented, food-inspired fun begins the second you open the plastic canisters containing each character. Oh, there’s no question what each Whiffer Sniffer smells like. Similar to Scratch-n-Sniffs of old, they smell exactly like the food they represent. The palm-sized plushies come with clips perfect for attaching to backpacks, key rings, or anywhere you can think to clip them.

Whiffer Sniffers Collectibles Hang Tight Spring 2017

Whiffer Sniffers hang tight wherever they clipped, and are ready to be traded . . . or not. These incredible toys are designed as collectibles. Series four offers two Sniffer Mixes, these super rare finds can only be found in a mystery pack and come inside a gold bag. Sniffer Switches come in regularly marked packages but have some small detail changed and are special rare finds. We received the full bottle Izzy Sodalicious and my girls jumped up and down when they realized we now have a Sniffer Switch.  Retirement dates exist in the world of collectibles, and Whiffer Sniffers follow that same rule. Production of each character stops eventually, and even though you may find them on retail shelves, collectors can rest assured the value of each character goes up instead of down.

My daughters love Whiffer Sniffers

My girls, ages 10 and 12, love these adorable, scented plushies. The minute they saw the cuddly clips they couldn’t wait to show their friends. They each picked two of their very own. My 10-year-old immediately fell in love with Howie Rolls, the cinnamon roll, and Sour Saul, the green apple.  Izzy Sodalicious smells the best according to my 12-yr-old; however, she claims Maci Macaron is the cutest.

Whiffer Sniffers Collectibles Hang Tight Spring 2017

Connect with Whiffer Sniffer Collectibles

Whiffer Sniffers backpack clips come with kid-sized price tags making the collectibles perfect for the child who just received their allowance or birthday money. Even better, the price is low enough Mom can feel great purchasing one or two as birthday gifts for friends. Collect the Whiffer Sniffer Scratch-n-Sniff stickers too — Each pack comes with 60 stickers.

Checkout Whiffer Sniffers backpack clips and other fantastic products at the Whiffer Sniffer website or on Amazon.

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