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3 Must Have Toys from Wicked Cool Toys this Christmas


3 Must Have Toys from Wicked Cool Toys this Christmas

Wicked Cool Toys has three great toys for your child this year! I am excited to tell you about it here on OMG Goodies.

My Thoughts about Wicked Cool Toys-

I love seeing toy trends for my grandson. It is great to see some remakes from when I was a child come back! I am super excited to tell you about these three must-have toys for your child or grandchild this Christmas!

Teddy Ruxpin:

The iconic, best-selling toy from the 1980s, who remains as one of history’s most successful, trusted and cherished children’s entertainment properties, is making a huge comeback from for Fall 2017! The new soft and cuddly 14” tall Teddy Ruxpin will have the core features and play patterns that parents and grandparents fondly remember, and will still read stories to children with a motorized mouth. However, in this new version, fans of all ages will benefit from Bluetooth technology, LCD eyes with over 40 animated expressions that are synched to the stories, and touch sensors in the hands and vest that allow the child to start, pause and fast-forward through stories and songs. Teddy will include 3 built-in stories with 7 additional stories available for purchase through the free app.

Egg Babies:

When I received my Egg Babies, IO was unsure of what it was. I knew it was an egg. I wasn’t sure how to open it. Thank goodness it has instructiuions. I slammed it on my counter and the egg cracked. There was a cute little animal in it. I was in love. My grandson saw the little animal and was in love right away. I kept the second one for him to open on Christmas Morning.


Cabbage Patch Kids Little Sprouts:

When I was little, IO loved my Cabbage Patcg Kids. Getting to review these was such an amazing thing. I al;ways wished I could have smaller playsets for my CPK. Now the youth have such an amazing gift to open upo on Christmas Morning. I like that you can buy the set which has the actual play item. Then you can get the dolls seperate. They offer small capsuls that have surprises in them as well! This makes me wish I was little again.

All three of these toys can be purchased at Toys-R-Us. HEad on over to your local store or oder online! MAke sure to get them!@ Christmas is almost here!!!!

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