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WINDOWS by Julia Denos – A Picture Book Review

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Take a walk at dusk and see what the world of windows looks like.  WINDOWS, a picture book by Julia Denos and illustrated by E.B. Goodale, brings the calming beauty of exquisite artwork and simple storyline perfect for your little one’s bedtime story.

WINDOWS Picture Book

Candlewick Press publishes many wonderful books that I enjoy looking through and reading. WINDOWS, a picture book by Julia Denos and illustrated by E.B. Goodale, captures the world as it is seen when looking at windows from outside. Available in October 2017, the incredible artwork and simple story remind me of looking through windows at dusk as a child. WINDOWS touches adult memories and helps build them for children. OMG Goodies enjoys cuddling up and looking through beautiful picture books like this one, and we are certain you do too!

My Thoughts about the Picture Book WINDOWS:

My youngest child may be a tween, but cuddle time is still a must in our house. Every night, my 10-year-old daughter comes into my room, climbs into the bed next to my husband and me, and discusses her day or watches videos and looks up various educational information online. The practice may seem unusual, but I often find myself wishing we had done the same with our older children.  They come in occasionally, but not nightly. For me, it is reminiscent of a toddler climbing on my lap to read a book.

My children all read at higher levels than many of their peers. You might think it meant spending hours sitting together reading books. Perhaps for some but not in our family. We liked to look at pictures. Oh, short stories were read, but I had a rule about long-winded authors who wrote children’s books.  The rule was simple: read it when you’re older. No Disney books, no Barbie books, no character books. Those books affected our happy dynamic too much. Picture books, where the kids could turn the pages whenever and whichever direction they wanted and I never felt the need to change the unintentional tongue-twisting story, meant success for us. It can for you too!

The story:

WINDOWS’s story is simple. Written in second-person, you feel as if you are taking a walk at dusk.

“Some windows will have dinner or TV,” describes Denos.

The easy phrases and sentences emphasize the story the pictures tell, making turning the pages and experiencing the magic that much more special.

The Pictures:

E.B. Goodale beautifully captures a city neighborhood at dusk. The self-proclaimed lover of yellow uses ink, watercolor, letterpress, and digital collage in a way that emphasizes minute details that draw your eyes to certain focal points. Look closely at the curtains, clothing, and various other areas to see the effort she exuded when creating these scenes.

While the minute details help draw your eyes in, the larger details help you see the entire picture. Pay close attention to the way Goodale uses color to show the passing of time. This talented artist deserves recognition! So often, artists feel limited by the mediums they use.  The mixed mediums used in this book reminds us that talented artists are not limited by their tools.

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