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Wireless Bluetooth Headset SB730

The wireless Bluetooth Headset SB730 delivers the music you love while comfortably sitting around your neck. SoundBot has what you and your music will love!

Wireless Bluetooth Headset SB730

Having choices in how to listen to your music is important to every music lover.  I don’t always want to listen from a speaker, and different headsets, earbuds, and sport buds appeal to me at different times. I don’t have to worry about which set I want to use.  SoundBot has my listening needs met.  The Wireless Bluetooth Headset SB730 is a great around-the-neck headset you will appreciate. The comfort and music quality will definitely make this review a worthwhile read on OMG Goodies!

My Thoughts on the Wireless Bluetooth Headset SB730:

I didn’t feel as though I would be impressed with this particular Bluetooth Headset – not at first.  As reviewers, sometimes we come across items we are so excited about, they take over our interest for a while and other products can end up waiting for a few days.  We have time limits, so they can’t sit too long, but we are human.  I reviewed the SoundBot II earlier in March, and figured nothing could be better than that Bluetooth speaker, and I am sad to say, the SB730 suffered when it should not have.  This wireless Bluetooth headset comes from a company I have learned to trust.  Is it really fair to put one of their products on hold because of a love for another one of their products, of course not!  I ask the SB730 to please forgive me.

If you are looking for a sleek headset, with easy-to-use controls, a neck ring, and comfort like no other, that includes great sound and a speakerphone with call waiting – not to mention, the ability to pair and take calls from two phones at the same time, then this Bluetooth headset for you!

I put the SB730 around my neck and was stunned at the comfort level.  I live where it is hot, and I don’t care to have many things around my neck, but this headset comes with a comfortable grip at the back, but I find I don’t use it. Instead, the neck ring lays around my neck, resting lightly on my shoulders. The earbuds, are not your typical uncomfortable buds.  They look the same, but these fit my ears without causing pain!  SoundBot has given me this gift twice now, and I gladly accept it!  If you have larger ears than I do, don’t worry, the SB730 comes with three sizes of buds.

As other wireless headsets do, the SB730 will easily pair with your Bluetooth devices. To make you even happier, this incredible wireless Bluetooth headset, will pair with two phones simultaneously and allow you to take calls from both phones during the same wearing/play time. If you have a phone for work and a personal phone you will love this option!  Unlike other earbuds or around-the-neck listening devices, the SB730 has a call waiting feature.  By holding the multi-function button for two seconds, you can switch back and forth between calls. By quickly pressing it once, you can disconnect a call while answering another in one swift move. I love the additional features SoundBot has added to this headset.  Now you can easily conduct business on your mobile phone from 33 feet away, and take multiple phone calls from multiple phones.

I called my sister, who happened to be in a movie theater to see her thoughts on the speaker phone. She wasn’t as impressed as I thought she would be.  Thinking about the product I realized a few reasons I needed to test the feature a bit more on my own before writing about the speaker phone. I don’t usually do that, but this product is obviously made to be used as much as a phone as it is to be used as a listening device. The mic is closer to your mouth than on your typical earbuds or headsets, and it rests in an area of the neck ring that is not going to see much movement or rub on clothing – it’s not getting jostled.  The speaker phone has tons of features – more than most speaker phones.  The SB730 is specifically manufactured to be used regularly as a Bluetooth headset for phone calls.  The music is the second thought. I’d say after-thought, but there is no after-thought here.

My son went upstairs wearing the SB730 and called my house phone. The movie theater was playing with my sister’s ability to know quality when she hears it.  My son was more than clear, he sounded like spring water on a sunny day. I could understand him perfectly. I could tell it was a speaker phone, but it sounded like they do in the movies – awesome! If you spend a lot of time on the phone, you will adore these incredible wireless Bluetooth headset!

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