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Wireless Speaker with Voice Commands

Looking for a Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth?  Throw in 360° sound with Qi charging and Siri/Android voice command availability, and the SB580, with the PB1020 charging pad, is the Bluetooth Speaker for you!

Wireless Speaker with Voice Commands

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Wireless speakers are becoming more and more advanced. Don’t use price as a guide, it doesn’t mean as much as you might think it does. SoundBot offers inexpensive music gear with better quality products than several other, more costly, companies. The SoundBot II (SB580), coupled with the Qi wireless charging pad, PB1020, is a portable Bluetooth speaker combo you will definitely want to consider for your home or office – or both! OMG Goodies introduced the SoundBot II Kickstarter Campaign several months ago, now we are ready to share our review with you!

My Thoughts About the SoundBot II Wireless Speaker with Wireless Charging and Voice Commands:

The SB580, or SoundBot II, wireless speaker is one I have waited to have hit the market for quite sometime.  When I first learned about its release, I knew it was definitely a speaker I was interested in.  Now that I have seen it, held it, charged it, and used it, I know it was worth the wait.  This is a speaker perfect for home or office, indoor or outdoor use, and big or small places. It is the size of an apple, with true 360° sound. I wasn’t sure it would, because there isn’t a single wrap of speaker mesh. It is divided by some of the some outer plastic into two areas. However, with the shape of the this speaker, the sound is not compromised at all.  This is a quality I was certain to test.

Charging SoundBot II is easier than ever; it will charge on any Qi wireless charger – better yet, it comes with it’s own, the PB1020.  The PB1020 will keep this wireless speaker perfectly charged by simply dropping the speaker onto the pad. The battery life will last up to 6 hours of music or 5 hours of talking.

If you don’t know, much about Qi chargers, allow me to explain the difference between using them and using a more traditional USB cord. A Qi wireless charging pad does not require you to plug your device into anything, which means a bad charging port will not disable your device.  It is quicker to use, and looks like a coaster. The pads do require their own USB cord, which does not have to be removed from the pad when it is moved from place to place.  It you do unplug it, the cost of replacing the charging pad is much less than replacing a device. I have found I love my wireless charging pads, but not all are created equal.  PowerBot charging pads are my favorite. If you forget your charging pad, there is nothing to worry about, SoundBot II does have a mini USB port when a cord may be necessary.

SoundBot II is one of the few wireless speakers available with voice commands.  Once it is paired with your phone, it will do plenty.  Including pulling up information on your phone.  Below are some of the ways I have used SoundBot II paired with my Android phone:

  • Taken a note – it will use notepad or gmail to record notes to yourself
  • Received the date, time, and temperature through the speaker
  • Sent a text
  • Made a phone call
  • Asked to find certain locations, turned on navigation
  • Asked for information
  • Pulled up searches on my phone
  • Checked milk prices at the local grocery store
  • Set an alarm
  • Set a timer
  • Added a Drs appointment to my calendar

When it comes to using the voice commands, the sky may very well be the limit. Getting information is easy.  Touch the “next” button on the sensory touch display on the top of the Bluetooth speaker and request the information or task you would like performed.

The touch display has blue back-lighting but is not overtly bright. The buttons are sensitive to touch and do not require pressure. The controls offer: Play/Pause/Speaker phone, Volume up, Volume down, Back, and Next/voice command.

Have you run into a speaker for less than $100 with Siri and Android voice command compatibility? I’ve looked around to see what I could find.  I’ve only found two other speakers capable of Siri and Android voice commands. One costs more than $300 and appears to have extremely similar functions. The other, is over $100 and uses its own search engine and requires a power cord to work. The SoundBot II is priced well under $100 if it is purchased with prime and is worth every penny. This speaker is amazing!

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Purchase your SoundBot II (SB580) in one of the amazing 5 colors on Amazon for less than $30 today!




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