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Paisley Leaf Laser-cut Wooden Earrings by Green Tree Jewelry

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Laser-cut wooden earrings bring eco-friendly and fashion together in a beautiful companionship everyone can enjoy. Green Tree Jewelry offers a great variety of earrings made from Certified FSC™ wood. Their eco-friendly earrings will dazzle your senses while comfortably accenting your outfit in all the right ways.

Paisley Leaf Laser-cut Wooden Earrings by Green Tree Jewelry

Green Tree Jewelry opened their doors shortly after founders Lance Nybye Sr. and Jr. lost their bat engraving business to the San Diego 2008 wildfires. Looking for another way to use their lasers, the designing and manufacturing of wooden jewelry appeared as a great option. Today, Green Jewelry offers customers a vast variety of eco-friendly wooden jewelry every woman should own. The Paisley Leaf Earrings are only one of them. Whether given as a Mother’s Day gift, birthday, or anniversary gift, Green Tree has what you need, and I get to share more about it with you on OMG Goodies!

My Thoughts on Laser-cut Wooden Earrings by Green Tree Jewelry:

Growing up, I developed a love of all wooden items. Dad built many beautiful pieces of furniture, I painted many home decor pieces on wood, and Mom had a love of wood grain. Because of this, the past couple of years watching wood jewelry make an appearance in the retail world brought intrigue into my life. First I noticed the watches. Their light weight and natural beauty reminded me of growing up at home. Shortly thereafter, I noticed rings — I still look forward to the day I can see one in person. Recently, wooden earrings. They’ve existed for a long time and have always been beautiful, but Green Tree takes it all to a whole new level.

Looking at the Paisley Leaf earrings for the first time I immediately noticed how clean the lines and cuts are. Often times, such thin wooden products come with tears in the wood where tiny blades ripped the wood instead of cutting it. They generally remain quite flimsy which causes premature breakage. None of that is true with Green Tree Jewelry. The lasers cut the wood precisely leaving no tears or jagged edges. The worry that a tear in the wood might tangle your hair simply has no value.

Green Tree also uses wood that comes layered in a criss-cross method that gives each piece an amazing amount of strength. It may not be so strong that Supermom or Super 3-yr-old couldn’t bend it hard enough to snap it in half, but they will hold up to the normal wear and tear of life, including falling to the hard floor.

My Mom

Mom’s ears were pierced at home using potatoes and a needle. Her holes developed into long slits that reduce her choices in earrings dramatically. Large earrings weight causes earrings to fall out, and tiny studs pull right through her hole. I couldn’t wait to show her how light the Green Tree earrings are. After all, wearing a set of Green Tree earrings is almost like wearing no earrings at all — definitely nothing heavier than light studs. I purposely wore my fabulous Paisley Leaf Laser-cut Wooden Earrings to a meeting I attended with my mom and sisters. Taking one of the beautifully water-based stained earrings out, I handed it to my mom to gauge her reaction to the weight.

Impressing Mom with an item she usually can’t use proves difficult.  There was no difficulty this time. Mom’s face changed from skeptical to impressed almost immediately. I could tell Green Tree made their impression on her. Now I know where to purchase gifts for Mom!

Green Tree and the Economy:

As stated before, Green Tree Jewelry uses Certified FSC™ wood. This certification means the suppliers make certain they are protecting the ecosystem of the area where they get their wood. They provide easily renewed wood and make certain their logging practices do not harm the forests or the wildlife in the area. Adding to this practice, Green Tree also uses water-based stains to color their incredible jewelry. Water-based stains are much easier on the environment than oil-based products and leave a beautiful flat finish.

My Experience:

The metal ear hooks are hypoallergenic silver-coated stainless steel and do not bother my usually sensitive ears at all. Even after wearing these phenomenal wooden earrings all day, my ears do not hurt or itch. Receiving compliments on such beautiful earrings helps me feel great about my style choices.  I’ve yet to run into a negative and I love my new earrings as much as I’m sure you’ll love yours!

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