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Young Children Cuddle Up with SackPals

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Young kids can tell stories and have fantastic adventures with four plush friends while cuddling in the SackPals’ soft, fleece blanket bag. Tillywig Toys judges love it so much they awarded SackPals the 2017 Tillywig Parents’ Favorite Products honor.

Young Children Cuddle Up with SackPals

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SackPals, a family-owned company based in Portland Oregon, uses the motto the best friends in life are the ones that stick around, and it is a motto they take seriously! Each fuzzy Snuggle Sack comes with four plush friends and some additional sack bling. Young children can cuddle down into the sack and play with their new friends. When playtime ends the friends are easily stored in the reversible sack. Parents and grandparents of young children don’t miss the OMG Goodies review on SackPals, part of our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide!

My Thoughts on SackPals:

When I was twelve years old my mom tied a quilt for me. The fabric had small ladybugs crawling along white vines against a dark blue background. There was nothing magnificent about the quilt. The machine edges had openings that Mom didn’t worry about closing, and the ties were simple poly-cotton yarn. The 2 1/2 yards of fabric covered my body and reached to the bottom of my bed without hanging over the edge and that was enough. If I wrapped myself up in it, my body and heart warmed, especially when I was sick.

Today, that quilt sits in a chair in my bedroom waiting for me to use it. The colors have faded significantly—looking more light blue than dark. The back fabric has thinned and each time I wash it I worry that a hole will appear. When I’m sick I lovingly cuddle into my blanket and play with the worn yarn ties the same way I used to. Somehow I feel just as comforted 30 years later as I did that very first year. Blankets have a special magic that cannot be found elsewhere.

Nature’s most perfect blanket cuddlers come with loads of energy and adorable sleeping faces. Children. From the time they are born until their lovey or small blanket mysteriously disappears, children love to cuddle into a soft blanket. The blankets give them comfort when Mom and Dad can’t. They get dragged on the floor and barfed on; they play peek-a-boo and become part of a fort. It only makes sense for them to also become the playground for plush friends!

SackPals Fuzzy Features:

The fleece on this Snuggle Sack warms the coldest days. Nothing softer exists in the world. Nothing—not butterfly wings or rose petals. Even comforting lotions that glide across the skin are not as soft as this incredible fleece. The inside and outside of this phenomenal sack exude softness.

Young Children Cuddle Up with SackPals

The outer front of the sack is designed with a lower pile making it perfect for attaching plush friends with Velcro. That’s right, the Pals attach to the blanket with the small Velcro squares located on their bellies. Don’t worry, they’re still plenty huggable!

Henry, Emilee, Theodore, and Elliot live on this incredible storyboard. Now you and your child can create the perfect playground. Henry might play tag with Emilee if she ever finishes warming herself in the sun. Theodore will always remember everything you say, and Elliot may not get anywhere fast, but he’s sure to get there eventually!

Durable felt sack bling also comes with this incredibly cuddly package. The butterfly aims for the star while the sun still shines and the ladybug searches for the perfect flower. Though your stories and names may be different, the warm memories you and your child make will always warm your heart.

Young Children Cuddle Up with SackPals

Inside the wonderful Snuggle Sack resides a large pocket perfect for carrying other small toys and maybe a snack or two. This helps the travel time to Grandma’s seem shorter, and the playtime seem longer! SackPals really did think of everything! The soft pocket does not affect the comfort of the Snuggle Sack and allows your child to pack what they want when they are away from home.

In My Home:

This cuddly sack fits children ranging from 3-years to 6-years-old. My youngest, though small for her age, does not fit inside this sack. She tried really hard to though! She is my long-term blanket lover and she was more than willing to accept SackPals into her life until I told her she was too big. Now she gets to practice the gift of giving by giving it to her youngest cousin.

I have no doubt my niece will cuddle down into the Snuggle Sack and play with Henry and the gang. Maybe she’ll even share a snack or two with Grandma!

Connect with SackPals:

Purchase your SackPals from the SackPals website or on Amazon.

Use code: pals20 to receive 20% off of your purchase. Offer good through December 31, 2017.

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