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Zoku Quick Pop Maker Review

Zoku has some fun products for making ice cream and popsicles at home. Not just any kind of ice cream and popsicles though. QUICK freezing pops and QUICK freezing ice cream to be exact. They are innovators for making fast, quick, and FRESH popsicles and ice cream. You can even go as far as making slushies.


Zoku is great for people who crave fresh ice cream and quick ice pops. They come in a few colors, sizes and even have character sticks. They also have a blog for ice pop recipes. I received Zoku’s Single Quick Pop Maker for review. We’re thrilled to have them here on OMG Goodies.

My Thoughts about the Single Quick Pop Maker from Zoku-

I cannot believe I was actually hesitant about trying the Zoku Quick Pop Maker. Typically, products like this don’t work for me and it takes too much time to make homemade popsicles. It seems to take forever to get frozen treats to freeze. My daughter constantly opens the freezer door to check on her freeze pops to see if they’re frozen yet. Which is counter-productive, as she’s letting the cold air out.

The Zoku Pop Maker really works. It laughed in the face of skepticism. Freeze the quick pop maker for 24 hours before using it, then take it out and pour your juice in to make your homemade popsicles! In just seven to nine minutes you will have nice frozen treats just for you! Now I only have the single popsicle maker, but they have duo and triple quick pop makers as well. I would recommend to get one that makes more than one at a time if you have more than one child. They will likely be fighting over it. The great thing about this is you can make whatever flavors you want and get creative with them!

zokuI made a homemade popsicles using grape juice and a cola soda. (Not in the same pop, that would be a bit nasty.) The juice froze quickly and nicely. It came out beautifully! My quick pop maker froze in about seven minutes. The twist grip holder made it nice and easy. You can attach the drip guards as you lift it out half way. I wouldn’t recommend trying to put the drip guard on after removing the pop entirely, as it can take a little force to snap it on. (Otherwise, you could just not use a drip guard.) Do not put the drip guard on before removing the popsicle with the Super Tool, because you will not be able to get the Super Tool on.

The cola soda was the second in making, and it took a little longer than the first to freeze.  It did fizzle over a little more than it should have but didn’t make too big of an over hang or mess. Judging by my picture, you can probably tell I should have waited about a minute or two more for a better freeze. It started melting a bit quickly. I did try to make a third with yogurt, it became messy and I apparently did not put in enough yogurt. Making my first attempt at a homemade yogurt popsicle a fail. You can do layers, freeze yogurt, and add real fruit to your homemade popsicles if you wish. I haven’t tried these yet, but will be after looking more at Zoku’s popsicle recipes.

This product does recommend fully letting the quick pop maker defrost before cleaning and reusing. After my mess with the yogurt, I’m definitely needing to clean it. It is not dishwasher safe. So I wouldn’t recommend trying that. My only issue with the single pop maker is that you have to be smart if you’re doing your three popsicles different flavors. I went from a grape to cola popsicle back to back and the cola did pick up some hints of grape, which is totally fine with me. However, If I went from say orange to grape or something, that may have tasted badly. I would’ve loved a different unit more, as you can make multiple flavors at once and not have to wait a while. I do like the size of the single quick pop maker though, as it only takes up about the size of a pint of ice cream in my freezer.

If you want homemade frozen treats and within minutes, I highly recommend the Zoku Quick Pop Maker. If you’re going to be buying juice and yogurt anyway, might as well save some money and turn it into ice pops instead of buying some! It’s much more fun for the kids anyway as you can get very creative and even go into making some healthy popsicles.

Check out Zoku and their innovated products!

Popsicle Recipes & More

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    Fingers crossed that I win. Thanks for the opportunity and chance.

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