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Welcome to OMG Goodies | OMG Goodies


We wanted to apologize to everyone who has wondered where our Facebook page has gone. Facebook has deleted our fan page for reasons we do not understand! Feel free to follow us on our NEW fan page today!

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Welcome to OMG Goodies!

Welcome to OMG Goodies!


We blog for our fans and our brands!

We are a team of bloggers with various talents. With twelve bloggers, we have families both big and small. We have cats, dogs, toddlers, teens and all the in-betweens! From the first time mom to the experienced grandmother, we have some very different experiences. Our bloggers are mostly Arizona-based, with one or two in other states. We are looking forward to expanding our reviews more into Canada and other countries.

On OMG Goodies, you will see a huge variety of reviews. Many are competing companies. Now one may ask “where’s your brand loyalty?” We respond with “where’s your open mind?!” We have eight families on this blog. Each blogger has their own preferences. For example, let’s say a few of us like love Coca-Cola, others like Pepsi.

Some may say they can’t taste a difference, and we’ll be the ones who can point them out. Some of OMG’s Bloggers would tell you Coca-Cola is better, others will tell you Pepsi is.(They would be wrong, but we all have our right to our opinions.) Point is, our opinions vary, but they are always our (individual blogger’s) honest opinions!

Now we would like to invite you to come check us out because we’ve check them out for you!

If we limit ourselves to our reviews, we would miss out on some really great companies! Not only that, our readers would be limited to our favorites, which may not be their cup of tea. We review for all sorts of products and companies. One category we would like to expand more into would be reviews for men’s products as women do 70-80% of the shopping for them. (Companies with men’s products you may want to contact us… NOW.)

We love doing gift guides and other guides not only for our readers but for our brands. We see our guides as a company’s opportunity to stand out among the rest! We love helping our readers find the perfect gift for their special occasions. Now while many bloggers would stop at 10 on each guide, we like a massive selection! Within our bloggers, for the winter holidays we give on average, about 20 gifts per person within our family. For younger kids, it’s more around 30-40.

This is excluding stocking stuffers, however, including clothing and we’re going to totally ignore the fact that many are full outfits in one box. Now if this holds true for other families, we may have helped them shop for at best, 5% of their family’s gifts with a limited guide. That’s assuming everyone has our particular tastes and the same kind of kids within their households. We like to really help our readers decide what to get, in which we include all types of companies. For things like Mother’s day and Valentine’s day, a man can REALLY mess up.

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The right gift entirely depends on the woman. Some women like flowers, others like jewelry and some like chocolate. (Okay maybe all women like chocolate.) We also like helping our readers reach their goals. It’s important to us to help them get healthy and clean, become more organized and less messy, and make sure their kids’ needs are being met while keeping up with the current trends. We enjoy sharing our experiences with the new cleaning products, healthy foods that others may be afraid to try, and update everyone on the latest in back to school trends.

OMG Goodies is one of few blogs that truly gives back.  OMG Goodies gives back every year for Christmas and we love doing so. As long as we are capable of doing it, it will be done. We would like more companies to get involved and donate to our local family this holiday season. We also recently learned one of our blogger’s son has been diagnosed with Autism. As a team that likes to stand together and support each other, we would like to focus a little more on this topic to help educate the world for a better understanding of Autism and find the best products to help these parents and kids. We hope to make a visible stand point in this area as time progresses.

Now we would like to invite you to come check us out because we’ve check them out for you!

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Disclosure of Material Connection: I have not received any compensation for writing this post. I have no material connection to the brands, products, or services that I have mentioned. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."